About TruePanel

Truepanel, is a network of everyday people, consumers and professionals who share their thoughts, attitudes and opinions via webcam in online consumer market research studies to deliver the truth about products and services.

Truepanel eliminates the stress of traditional focus groups by allowing panelists to participate from the comfort of their own home via webcam. No more wasting time driving to a location, sitting in an uncomfortable setting with strangers, spending time away from family, or having to wait 6 weeks or longer for compensation. Truepanel makes it easy for you to participate in an online market research study, all you need to do is JOIN TRUEPANEL today. Qualified panelists will receive the necessary equipment to complete the project in a timely manner and will also be compensated within one week of the completion of the study.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Join Truepanel: sign up through one of the following Mom’s Panel or Consumer/Professional Panel or Laptop Owners with a Webcam
  2. Get selected: A Truepanel representative will contact you via email or phone to qualify you for a study you may be interested in.
  3. Participate: Once you have been selected a simple process will begin in which you record your thoughts via video, text or image. These projects are conducted by Truepanel.
  4. Get Paid: You will receive payment within 7 business days of completion of the study either by Check or PayPal.

Video Enabled Qualitative Research

Truepanel allows participants to respond via web-cam, mobile app, mobile video or desktop computer. We want this experience to be as easy and seamless as our projects.

Who We’re Looking For:

Truepanel is looking for Moms. As a mother you possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences and opinions that companies want to hear. Share your valuable thoughts and ideas with some of the world’s leading brands from the comfort of your own home. In some cases you might be asked to continue to provide insightful feedback on a regular basis – meaning you will be compensated for more than just one study if you qualify.

Truepanel is looking for healthcare professionals. The healthcare industry needs people like you to provide feedback within your industry, how products work in real situations, how they can improve them and perhaps obstacles you face in your field.

Truepanel is looking for business professionals in the technology space. TruePanel is looking for business professionals in the technology space. In today’s world of online media, mobile applications, video games, and mainstream technology many companies want to see and hear how their products can be improved or how they can help make your life easier

Truepanel is looking for everyday consumers. Truepanel is looking for everyday consumers. If you’re someone who uses everyday household products, goes grocery shopping, shops at the mall, or uses the internet to save money on products you use every day, we want to hear from you!

Truepanel is committed to finding the most qualified participants for each study and some studies will require additional screening to make sure we have found the right participants. Please be sure to fill out the Panel Request Information as accurately as possibly to be considered for the right qualitative research project.

Participant Rating:

Truepanel will also rate participants from each project through a multitude of attributes we find crucial to the success of a project. Ratings may help to determine whether a participant is used in a study or for future studies. We want our participants to be timely, truthful and personal regarding the studies in which they are chosen to give their opinions.

For example: If you are selected for a healthcare study because you have filled out information in our signup process claiming to be in the healthcare industry and are not in the healthcare industry we would be inclined to give you a negative rating due to inaccurate information provided. However if you are a Nurse, Doctor or Healthcare Administrative Professional chosen for a study within the healthcare industry you would be given positive points for having accurate information and possibly qualify for that study.


All of our qualitative research studies are conducted online. Incentive payments are typically available within 10 days of study completion, some payments can take up to 28 days to process. Studies vary in length and can take anywhere from 1 day to 30 days, though most studies are completed within 7 days. Once the incentives are made available, you can request issuance of your incentive via either Check or PayPal through the system. Go to http://www.PayPal.com to sign up for a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.